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Welcome to the High Caliber pros' Access Cloud

High Caliber pros' cloud file & application access

Cloud Files HCR CLOUD FILES Click here to access all company documents in the Cloud. You will sign in to obtain file numbers, company documents, standard operating procedure lists, company standard forms and more. You will also upload completed files to company archives at this location. This is a secure Cloud that contains sensitive information and is accessible only by our real estate personnel. Microsoft® MicrosoftLive® and SkyDrive® are Microsoft Applications that gives free access to your High Caliber Cloud via High Caliber Nationwide Realty's Gold Microsoft Partnership so that you can view company documents and archives from any Web Browser.
Unauthorized Access and Usage Prohibited!

High Caliber Pro’s each have 7GB of Personal Cloud space to use and sync with your laptop, iPhone or Android devices. High Caliber Pros have access to basic Microsoft® applications via this platform.

Unauthorized Access and Usage Prohibited


High Caliber Pros' email access

emaill access click here CLINK HERE FOR EMAIL

As a HCR Pro the HCR Microsoft Exchange is where you will find your email, contacts, RSS feeds and tasks. This system will seamlessly integrate with the iPhone 4S 5, 5C, 5S and 6 as well as the iPad, iPad 2 and iPad Air II. Please remember when signing on you will need to tell most systems what your domain is by placing "HCR\" in front of your user name. Microsoft OutlookTM Web Access is a Microsoft Exchange Active Server Application that gives you private access to your Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange personal email account so that you can view your Inbox from any Web Browser. Please see the High Caliber Pros' Cloud File & Application Access above for a file with all the setting necessary to set up your laptop outlook, table and smart phone to access your HCR Microsoft Exchange account.

Domain: HCR


Unauthorized Access and Usage Prohibited


access for High Caliber pros' VoiceMail System

Cloud Files VOICE MAIL Click here to access voicemail and messages in the Cloud via your personal computer. Remember that your log-on name will have a space and your password will be numbers only. In this location, you will have the ability to listen to, to share, to save or to delete messages from your personal extension. TeleVantage® and VerticalTM Web Access is a HCR Exchange Server Application that gives you private access to your voicemail account from any Web Browser..

Unauthorized Access and Usage Prohibited




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